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Warning!  This is an expansion story.  If this is not your thing, please hit the back button. Thank you.

Magic Shop of Expansion:  A Fertile greeting Part 2

Rachel very nearly ran out of the store, trying to get to her apartment to find a change of clothes so she could start her first day of work.  She had no idea of what Kasumi was planning for her.  For the little bit of time that Rachel had been in the store, the outside temperature had risen fulfilling that early morning promise of a scorching hot day.  As she ran back to her apartment she began to slightly sweat.

Unbeknownst to her, her body began the necessary changes to prepare for her magical pregnancy about 10 minutes into her mad dash.  Her hips began to ever so slowly expanded, creating a cradle for her soon to be gravid stomach.  This expansion was so slow she never felt the changes happening and five minutes later when she arrived at her apartment, her hips had only reached the half-way mark of their growth.  

Rushing over to her dresser, she began pulling clothing out at random trying to find something to wear.  She was excited, not only for being able to find a job, but finding a place where she could find out if the rumors surrounding the shop were true: that the store's owner periodically handled magical items linked to cults and groups that were into the body expansion fetish.

As she continued to rummage through her clothing the growth of her hips began to tapper of slowly and stop.  However the growth shifted to her small A-cup breasts.  Like most pregnancies, all women experience different growth spurts at different times, and this pregnancy was very similar to a normal one.  Where Kasumi's large breasts had not grown yet, Rachel's small ones had begun.  Her breasts slowly began to grow, at a rate slightly faster than her hips, but still unnoticed by Rachel.

After rummaging through her dresser for several minutes she found exactly what she wanted.  She found a pair of denim short shorts and a light green short sleeved button up shirt.  After staring at her clothing choices for several seconds she threw her choices onto her couch and dived back into her dresser looking for something else.  This time however, she wasn't searching for what to wear to work; it was for when she was done working.  After working a long day in a stifling shop, what better way to end it with a dip in the ocean?  Besides, a quick dip to relax would do her a world of good.  After several seconds she found her piece of treasure, specifically two pieces; her favorite purple and teal striped bikini and top.  

As Rachel undressed and began to get dressed again she ran into a "small" snag.  Her shorts and bikini bottom where tighter than what she remembered and she was unable to button the fly of her shorts.  The cups of her bikini top were slightly overfilled with breast flesh and she was unable to fasten all of the buttons on her shirt, only being able to button up the shirt halfway up, leaving a window of cleavage from her slightly swollen breasts.  As she struggled into her clothes, she began making all kinds of promises about how she would lose any amount of weight she needed to fit into these clothes, unaware that she was actually in the first stages of pregnancy, all because of one touch of a statue.  Rachel grabbed a water bottle from the refrigerator in her small apartment and began to run back to the store.  

During her run back to the store, she was unaware of her continued growth.  Apparently, it would take a large amount of water to cause the recipient to take notice of any changes to her body.  When she arrived back at the store, she looked as if she was about to enter her second month of pregnancy, with only an apple sized bulge just below her navel.

Rachel opened the door to the store and walked in for a second time this morning.  Sizing up the situation and remembering what Kasumi had said she began to work.  Thirsty from all the running that she did, Rachel to a small sip and began to work as her belly began to expand.  In mere seconds, she had passed thru her second month and halfway into her third month.  The zipper on her tight shorts began to unzip itself as her stomach expanded.  Her breasts also began to grow slightly.  Without realizing it, Rachel began to rub her now grapefruit sized belly in a maternal fashion as she began to survey the room.  

Now that she had a chance to look around, Rachel noticed that most of the items in the store had been sorted based on the size of the object with most of the bigger items towards the back and most of the smaller items in the front.  Rachel decided to set up the small items first and then work her way towards the back of the store.  For the rest of the morning, Rachel worked on setting up the stores merchandise, stopping several times to take small sips from her water bottle, usually expanding at most half a month or at least a week into her pregnancy each time.

By noon, Rachel had grown slightly past her fifth month, her cantaloupe sized belly hanging off her once narrow frame. Her shirt, once loosely covering her belly was being strained, little windows of flesh peeked out between the buttons of her shirt.   Her breasts, having grown from a tiny A-cup to a much larger C, were straining her bikini top to its limits, covering at most only her areolas.  If one were to look at her from behind, her hips had given her an hourglass shape.  By now Rachel began to notice something odd was happening.  She could feel that her center of gravity had shifted.  Her breasts felt heavier than normal and several times when moving things she could swear that she heard something sloshing in her breasts when she bent over several times picking things up out of boxes, but the most telling was the fact she was having trouble bending over.  Earlier in the morning, she had experienced none of these problems.

As confident strides soon became awkward waddles, the strain of her shirt's buttons finally gave the game away, as one by one the buttons rocketed across the room and her belly grew into her six month.  Looking for the missing buttons and rubbing her gravid belly absentmindedly, she found one of her missing buttons at the base of a mirror the size of the ones found in dressing rooms.  As Rachel bent over to pick up the button she caught sight of her reflection, and stood up immediately in shock, her ruby eyes big as dinner plates.  Her body's new additions began to wobble wildly as Rachel rapidly changed position.  The sudden movement allowed her breasts to loosen the string tie of her bikini top and allow them to jiggle freely and without constraint.  Her large gravid orb almost caused her loose her balance and fall onto her large butt, but she was barely able to keep her balance.  As Rachel stood there looking at the mirror, her thoughts raced wildly as she realized her fantasy had finally come true.  Her shaking hands began to explore all her newfound curves as she continued staring in shock.  She had grown this big in only a single morning, what was happening?

While Rachel was staring in shock and awe at her new form, the door to the back office began to creak open.  Rachel was so enraptured with herself she never saw what Kasumi looked like.  The kimono that Kasumi had been wearing earlier in the day was just hanging off of her shoulders not even providing her a shred of modesty.  In the several hours that Rachel had been working, Kasumi had grown even larger.  Her large breasts had grown even larger becoming the sizes of cantaloupes.  Her basketball sized belly had grown immense, now having a diameter of 4 feet.  She was nearly just a pair of boobs and an immense belly.

This is a work in progress. This will probably be the most i will be able to post this weekend for your reading enjoyment.

Final piece will be submitted next weekend, hopefully.

Critiques are welcome.

Idea is me
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the-llama-sama Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015
It's now 3 YEARS later, and many have passed on due to the over anticipation of waiting for part 3, and it never being released. (So far! XD)
So, I think the question that needs to be asked is: WHEN THE FUCK ARE YOU GONNA RELEASE PART3?!?! WE'RE GETTING MIGHTY IMPATIENT! DX
(Maybe not phrased EXACTLY like that… but you get the point! XD)
Sam-The-Neko Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Part 3 needed!! :D
Bob---Barker Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Student Filmographer
This is pretty good, I like the detail and progression; how there's a clear trigger and it doesn't happen all once. I also like how its described and as some room for the characters to notice and react to it, but not realize what it is initaly.

Good story, good submission.
efmi Featured By Owner May 16, 2013
So far good can't wait to see what it we be once completed
artdiv Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
I'm enjoying this story so far. I can't wait to see what will happen to Rachel. Will she get bigger than Kasumi? Will Kasumi encourage her to touch the statue more, and then throw her into the ocean?

I hope to see the ending soon. Thanks for sharing.
eaglepride76 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012
I absolutely love this story and I can't wait for part 3, hope Rachel gets as BIG as Kasumi!
reddrake56 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you. I was hoping to have this story finished in two parts, but we will see. I've been pretty busy and I haven't had a chance to write for a while. I plan on having one of the girls get immobile, but I haven't decided which one. I will post their profiles sometime this weekend.
falloutghoul Featured By Owner May 26, 2012
Ooooh, I like. :D
Btw, as some friendly advice, you don't need to put so much space between your paragraphs.
reddrake56 Featured By Owner May 26, 2012  Student General Artist
deviantart is doing that, not me.

any suggestions, I plan on having Rachel getting bigger than Kasumi, but I am stuck for the moment. The vision in part 1 will come into effect in this part, hopefully. Maybe there will be a part 3 to finish this episode...
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